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My Transition from Relaxed to Natural Hair

My Transition from Relaxed to Natural hair Hi!!!, This is a mini interview of my self  by my self on how i transitioned from relaxed to natural hair. ( don't worry am still in my right mind)

Why did you go decide to transition?NaturalV: I was not so brave to take the plunge and cut off all my hair (what!!!) For me then, the thought of starting from ground zero was just impossible and i felt transitioning would give me the time i needed to school and prepare my mind and self  for  the journey ahead.

How long did you Transition?NaturalV: Well, initially i intended to transition for 2 years ( you know, feeling so inspired, adrenalin pumping and all ), Any way!!! i settled for a year, patience a'int one of my virtues but am learning to have some on this journey. I mean, incessantly checking and spying on my new growth in the mirror to see its texture,type and what not ( I know am not alone on this). So in December 2012, i took my scissors and after a few snips i was all natural. Pr…

Going Natural; My Hair Story

Going Natural; My hair Story.
Memories of my natural hair texture as a child are very blurry, for as long as I could remember; my hair had always been relaxed. I do remember my mum saying I had tough and thick hair though, so she had to relax it to save us both from pain each time she tried to style it. (She loved to braid my hair in a style I called “flower in the basket”; a style I secretly hated.)
One thing am sure of is that I have always loved hair; there was just something about taking care of it. My first hair guinea pigs were my Mum, Granny and my Aunt(love you all). These three especially granny were ever so willing to allow me play around and style their hair in corn rows (fun times). I gradually included my three younger sister’s hair to the list of  heads I messed around with, braiding, washing and even relaxing (that’s till they all became big chicks). I can’t tell you how many times we ended up with half processed and under processed hair. 

Now, back to my own hair, I freque…