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Going Natural; My Hair Story

Going Natural; My hair Story.
Memories of my natural hair texture as a child are very blurry, for as long as I could remember; my hair had always been relaxed.
I do remember my mum saying I had tough and thick hair though, so she had to relax it to save us both from pain each time she tried to style it. (She loved to braid my hair in a style I called “flower in the basket”; a style I secretly hated.)

One thing am sure of is that I have always loved hair; there was just something about taking care of it. My first hair guinea pigs were my Mum, Granny and my Aunt (love you all). These three especially granny were ever so willing to allow me play around and style their hair in corn rows (fun times).
I gradually included my three younger sister’s hair to the list of  heads I messed around with, braiding, washing and even relaxing (that’s till they all became big chicks). I can’t tell you how many times we ended up with half processed and under processed hair. 
Aunt, Me and Mum

Now, back to my own hair, I frequently wore weaves and braids,though I was good at stretching my relaxers, I would ignore my hair for almost two months sometimes three ( no washing, no moisturizing , nothing) but , I enjoyed wearing my own hair, it just suited me. I was always referred to as the girl with long hair (mind you my hair was just full shoulder length) but it was always seen as long. After six years of hair growth my hair slowing meta-morphed from black to brown and then to brownish red (not from deliberate coloring y'all) especially at the tips and broke and split even at the slightest touch to a point I just could not take it anymore.

The Aha!!!! moment (God bless Google)

As I begun losing my hair due to breakage, overlapping of relaxers during touch ups (no thanks to my “hair stylist”) and generally bad practices not known to me then. I was utterly frustrated (I know it’s just hair, but as I said earlier I just can’t explain it ) so I Googled “why is my hair breaking”,  which led to “how to take care of my relaxed hair”, and “how to grow long black hair” and many many more questions I can’t even remember.

 Somewhere along the line I came across an article about relaxers and for the first time I realized I had no idea why I relaxed my hair (aside from the obvious reason that i had new growth or undergrowth as I called it ), it just seemed like an axiom (something you accept without proof) everyone just accepted it, plus I never thought it was possible to wear my hair in its natural texture, I felt there were just no styles and that It just wasn't possible and fashionable, boy was I wrong. 
The wealth of information online was alarming, it was like letting a child run wild in a candy store with all the sugary goodness and treats. I don’t think I slept that night, I spent countless hours  looking up ladies who had managed to grow their hair to great lengths; I was in shock (like where the hell have I been), I just never believed i could have healthy or "good" hair or that my hair could even grow longer than shoulder length. Come to think of it, what was I retouching every 3 months? Good question right.

After days and nights of surfing and browsing the web I found out that:     

  •  Actually all hair grows what ever your race is.
  • I needed to learn good hair care practices and retain my length.
  • Getting Relaxers should be an option that should be made consciously and I really needed to start  paying attention to what I put on and into my body.
  • I can have healthy and stylish natural hair.
And hence I decided to embark on my natural hair journey to discover my natural hair texture, enjoy, love,  and celebrate my hair the way it grows, kinks and all because they are MY VERY OWN KINKS. I have been at it since December 2011 and I do hope to inspire someone somewhere as I have been inspired by others, lend a helping hand where needed and see were life leads us (my kinks and I ).
So there you have it guys, my hair story in a not so nut shell.

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