My Transition from Relaxed to Natural Hair

My Transition from Relaxed to Natural hair Hi!!!, This is a mini interview of my self  by my self on how i transitioned from relaxed to natural hair. ( don't worry am still in my right mind)

Why did you go decide to transition?

NaturalV: I was not so brave to take the plunge and cut off all my hair (what!!!) For me then, the thought of starting from ground zero was just impossible and i felt transitioning would give me the time i needed to school and prepare my mind and self  for  the journey ahead.

How long did you Transition?

NaturalV: Well, initially i intended to transition for 2 years ( you know, feeling so inspired, adrenalin pumping and all ), Any way!!! i settled for a year, patience a'int one of my virtues but am learning to have some on this journey. I mean, incessantly checking and spying on my new growth in the mirror to see its texture,type and what not ( I know am not alone on this). So in December 2012, i took my scissors and after a few snips i was all natural. Prior to that i had already done 2 mini chops so in all i did 3 mini chops during the course of a year.

What obstacles did you face while Transitioning?

NaturalV: I faced quite a few of those but am going to talk about the three that plagued me the most.

  •  The First obstacle i faced was technique, i had to revamp my washing, detangling and moisturizing methods which i must say took a long while.Washing my hair in twists (to escape tangle land), using a wide tooth comb with lots of conditioner while detangling( to avoid breakage especially at the line of demarcation) and moisturizing with water first before sealing with an oil or butter though simple enough were still a struggle then. Also, maintaining hair moisture after wash days was most difficult for me and am still trying to improve on this.(i keep learning everyday).I almost forgot my hassle with night time routines,the number of times my satin scarf slipped out from my hair is countless.
  • second obstacle was styling, am sure a lot of transitioners would agree with me on this,for me i experimented with bantu knot outs, in fact they were my first and best out style (though sleeping with the knots and re-twisting every night wasn't a joy for me ) but because of my severely thinned ends, twists and braid outs didn't look good on me. I also had to learn to twist my hair with kinky extensions (especially after my braider yanked and tugged at my strands like there was no tomorrow while installing my kinky twist  ).

  • The third obstacle was my self, i became so obsessed with growing my hair long and as fast as possible (like 4 inches in one month, lol), i started trying all sorts of concoctions which am too shy to mention some of which included cayenne pepper which lets just say made my wash sessions rather too spicy. I had to come back to reality and remind my self that the joy in the journey is in loving all the stages and then dissuaded my self  from setting unrealistic goals.

What styles did you wear during your Transition?

NaturalV: I transitioned with, low buns for the first few months before my new growth started puffing out, wore some twists, fixed some weaves, kinky twisted along the way and then finally ended the transition with wigs.


What products did you use?

NaturalV: i was quite the product junkie,rushing out buying and abandoning products after a few uses, but it finally donned on me(and my wallet) that i could not go an like that. So am only going to mention the products i stuck to, ORS hair mayonaise and deep replenishing conditioner,naturVital conditioner from the sensitive range, During my transition i also met the inner mixtress in me( you can find her mixing various ingredients and looking up various DIY's , i just hope she doesn't blow up my hair one day).

Any Advice for people about to Transition or who are already Transitioning?

NaturalV: Well, first i would say have a good reason why you want to go natural and why you would rather transition, cause this is what will keep you going when you can't seem to draw inspiration from any one else's hair.
Then secondly, get appraised of how to manage and care for your two textures and finally, enjoy your self  and your journey and have fun with your hair(kinks, curls, coils whatever it is).

You can also find NaturalV's hair story  here  which contains a not so short tale of why she went natural.