Schooling and Natural hair care Wahala(troubles)!!!!

I recently enrolled in a post graduate school and its been really hectic!!! balancing school work and thinking about hair has been HARD.

 Here's what i decided to do 

Make simple protective/low manipulative styles that would take very little time to install, take down  maintain and would last for at least 2 weeks.

Jumbo Twist

For the first two weeks of school i wore big or jumbo two strand twist here's how it did.

Time to install: it took roughly two 2 hrs not so bad considering i have done kinky twist that took almost 12 hrs to install (Not kidding guys).

Maintenance: Moisturizing hair and scalp with either water or a mixture of aloe-Vera juice and water and sealing ends with Shea butter was no biggie, but getting the twist to stop shrinking was a problem cause my hair is neck length at the back and a little past chin length at the sides. (Nights and Nights of bobby pinning).

Take down:Take down was pretty quick about 30 minutes but detangling !!!! was so great a hassle probably because i decided to try a new method of loosing all the twist before detangling, which was a very very bad idea. 

At the end of the two weeks my jumbo twists were at a maximum frizz level so i wasn't really feeling them anymore so they had to go.

High Puff

After the twist and tiresome detangling session, i had no time to wash my hair that weekend( too much school work and activities) so i stretched my hair in braids and the next day made a high puff which i intend to wear through out the week. Would probably wear a puff for another week after washing my hair.

High puff

so far, the puff is doing great,

Installing time: Installing time is probably just 5 minutes or less.

Maintenance:  moisturizing the puff  and hair at the surface with water and sealing with Shea butter then scarfing it up for the night. In the morning i just fluff and accessorize .
i know i should stretch the puffs with either braids or twist but i just cant be bothered to do that every night, would have tried the scrunchy stretching method but i can't seem to find my scrunchy any where.

Fears: i just hope when wash day comes am not going to have so many single strand knots and tangles to deal with (fingers crossed).

Future hair style

When i get a little break from school work, i would like to try havanna twists, but if there are any other styles you think would be simple and low manipulative, take very little time to install, take down , maintain and would last for at least 2 weeks please feel free to drop your ideas below.