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Natural Hair growth: Exercise and Healthy habits

Hello all,

You know how other people keep telling you of how good something is and keep raving about it and urging you to try it but you never seem to be able to do it, although you know that they are right. The concept of exercise and drinking enough water were like that to me.

 I had my hair in jumbo kinky twist  in the month of august. And I was so shocked ( although it was a happy shock) at the length of hair that had grown by the time I loosed my twists. Here's why i was shocked,  usually my hair grows less than half an inch in a month,  my hair could not fit into a pony tail, i could barely do very high puffs and just four weeks later it’s able to. Also i noticed that my kinks feel,so soft ,more elastic and retain moisture better after my wash day.
puff one month after
hair one month ago

hair one month after

In retrospect, I did not do anything different in terms of my regime and diet, which I think has been on the decline lately but!!!!  I had increased my physical activity by enrolling in a salsa class and also been religiously drinking a lot of water.

How does this all contribute to optimum hair growth? yea, i would like to say Optimum because  hair still grows either way, kind of like a case of two plants where one is grown by the river side with adequate supply of water and one is grown in a place where there are only occasional showers of water, assuming all other growth requirements are met the river side plant should experience a more optimum growth and its appearance would be more lush and green when compared to the other plant.

Now enough about plants, from basic biology we are told that water makes up about 60- 70% of the body, Water hydrates the body and helps to regulate the circulatory system which feeds the hair follicle, which then in turn stimulates hair growth.There fore insufficient amount of water in the body to a lot of complications in the body but in terms of hair growth it could lead to a malnourished follicle and stunted hair growth.

Also, regular exercise increases blood circulation which may allow for more nutrients to reach the follicles.

This brings me to my decision to drink water adequately and to be more physically active. I would be doing an update on this in December which coincides with my two years kinkyversary. Am still devising ways of keeping myself in check though, would keep you posted as more events unfold.

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