Protective styling with Wigs

I had an idea to protect my hair for the rest of the year with wigs , which later became a month plan,  but…..its been barley a week and am almost giving up.

The problem
Am just so bored with it, am tempted to abandon my wigs for maybe twists because it would give me the best of both worlds that is styling flexibility and protection from myself and other elements ,still thinking about it though ,am really in no mood for close to 12 or more hours of twisting. What to do??  What to do??

On the Bright side
Wigs are actually great as they give you and your hair a break and allow you the ease of caring for your hair since  it doesn’t hinder you from carrying out your usual routine. I have my hair in cornrow in front and flat twists at the back because  that section is really fine and cornrows  seem to  put too much tension on it.

My current regime with the wigs
  • Nightly scalp massages
  • Moisturize hair lightly with water and seal at night with  Shea butter- olive oil mixture.
  • co-wash as needed(depending on how my exercise plan goes)
  • Remove shed hair weekly and finger detangle with Shea butter- olive oil mixture.
  • Wash hair with sulphate free shampoo,do hot oil treatment with  olive and protein treatment  on hair once a month.
  • As I mentioned in my Natural hair growth:Exercise and Healthy habits post I would be drinking a lot of water precisely about 2.25 liters of water every day and a moderate exercise of  30 minutes each day.

That’s pretty much it. Now all  i need is the will power to keep the wig on my head..