28 months of natural hair growth

Hi every one,

Its been ages since i last posted about my hair. A lot has been going on, and is still going on. I have not had time to do an in depth post on the specifics so this is a sketchy  documentation of  my hair  progress so far.

Without any further ado, here is what i have been up to .

Hair Regimens and Styles

In my quest to find a simple regimen that is well suited for my busy student schedule, i have experimented with a few regimens. Am not going into details of my wash day, just the different wash day intervals i tried and a general over view of what i have been doing style wise.

Mini Mini twists  

I tried spacing my wash day for a month and my choice of style was mini twist which lasted for two (2) months.


  • Easy and versatile styling
  • spent less than 10 mins on my hair each day (thinking about hair can be so tiresome at times, thank you mini twists for the break.)
  • retained some length

OMG!!!!! hands down, my number one and only con  for this regime was the time it took to install and take down the twists. It took literally the whole day plus a little of the next day. Also taking the twist down was no walk in the park. It took almost a whole week since i had to loose in sections for lack of free time for my hair.

Lessons learnt:  Mini twist are a no go area for me at least not till my school program ends. Although i retained a lot of length. I just can't seem to get over twisting my hair for that long and am definitely not looking forward to taking them down.

Just some random pictures of what my hair has been doing

Updo styles

With updo styles i washed my hair every two weeks and styled loose hair in simple updo styles once a week.


  • simple enough.
  • once hair was styled i didn't think much about hair except i was bored with the style.


  • Hand in hair syndrome ( i have a serious problem with this, i just keep finding my hand in my hair)
  • A lot of time spent researching  and experimenting with updo's. Too much styling and restyling  leading to a lot of manipulation.
  • getting bored with the style in less than a week ( i don't know why, i just get bored)
  •  breakage( probably due to handling my hair too often, my poor kinks couldn't take my constant handling)

Lessons learnt:  I have a serious case of hand in hair syndrome so i think i need styles that keep me from playing around with my kinks too often.

kinky twist

I tried going two weeks in between wash days. it was vacation season and i didn't want to be messing around with my hair so i figured kinky twist was the way to go.


  • Just like mini twists this style gave me versatility 
  • spent as little as 10 mins or less each day on my hair


  • Installing was time consuming but not to the extent of the mini twist (hmm!! those twists were something else)  
  • take down wasn't so dramatic but it took over 3 hrs.
Lessons Learnt: For now this style is too time consuming to be a regular style for me.

Wash and go

I nearly forgot this,  i tried the wash and go regimen.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ( Am not being overly dramatic) this was hands down my worst regimen and style ever. where do i start from, the tangles, the layers and layers of gel, the clumping in sections. It was horrible.I must say there was nothing simple about this regimen, i just wore my wash and go in a puff through out the week and that was the end of that regimen. I won't even talk about the wash day after that. My experience was horrible.
My wash and go
It does not look so bad at a glance you may say, i even got lots and lots of compliments..... but don't be fooled. My Kinks and i were so exhausted from the whole process.

Lessons learnt: As the vlogger glam fun sang in the very funny video below, i quote "Wash and go don't work on nappy hair" at least not on my 4b/c hair. This does not mean i can't achieve the style but i ask my self , is it worth it? Wash and go is supposed to be a carefree regimen but that's not what i found.


After a very very long thought about how to wear my hair while learning to swim. I decided to try wigs. i have written about protective styling with wigs before . For my maintaining my hair,i just Co washed every other day in corn rows . Wigs give me the ease of taking care of my hair while swimming. Am still trying to figure out how other naturals say they swim with ease with natural hair compared to when they were relaxed, for me its still a lot of work.


  • Easy hair maintenance especially with my swimming classes. 
  • I didn't have to detangle on every wash and i did not have any traumatic experience when i finally did at the end of the week. (Yay!!!! go corn rows. )


  • Lack of styling versatility, i get bored easily with the wigs, and i miss styling my hair.
  • My hair got dry quickly, so i had to up my moisturizing game.

Lessons learnt:
Wigs are not so bad, they allow me and my kinks to rest from each other in terms of styling but that does not being negligence is permitted.

Present Hair Style: Crotchet Braid with Marley hair

This is my first attempt at Crotchet braids and its not even a week old yet at the time of this post.This style was done with Marley hair, i didn't take into account that this type of hair had a lot of  volume, by the time i was done i could not believe the gigantic fro i had, so i twisted it up and dipped it into hot water to give it that twist out look. I also removed some strands of hair because am not brave enough to rock a full on fro yet.

I will probably update this post much later with the pros and cons i encounter with this style.

Crotchet Braids with Marley Hair

So far my kinks and i are still going strong , sincerely natural hair is a lot of work but  no matter how frustrated i get some times with my kinks i will still love it .
Some day am going to  look back and smile and be glad i went through this stage.