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Getting rid of all commercial hair care products in my hair care.

I  decided to stop using all store bought hair products.


I just don't want to buy hair products any more!. Am also just curious.   Can I grow my hair and care for it with out all the numerous products springing up? There is something so liberating  about being able to make your own products and to know that some one in some remote area can grow their hair using common ingredients in their Locale.

Scalp and Skin sensitivity to most ingredients: I react to almost all commercially available hair products. Even the ones that say "natural Ingredients" irritate my scalp and skin in the shower.( very uncomfortable feeling)

Most store bought hair products just sit on my hair anyway, it just feels kind of deceptive. Don't even get me started on the cost.  I want something that is truly taking care of my hair strands.

I will be documenting my progress and Findings.

The harmful effects of relaxers and why i stopped using them

I have written a few posts about why i decided to grow my natural hair and how i transitioned from relaxed to natural hair..
 I have explained in detail about my then general lack of knowledge about natural hair care but the deciding moment for me was learning about the possible harmful health effects associated with using relaxers. The beautiful video below done by Chime summarizes  things i found out as i researched. I thought i would share because i know not everyone is aware.  enjoy!

Fermented Rice water Hair Rinse

Hi all!

What caught my attention about fermented rice water rinse was that it was so easy to make and it did not require buying any extra products... I ALWAYS have rice in the pantry! (shout out to all the rice lovers).

Fermented rice water has been used for centuries by women in China, Japan and Southeast Asia for hair care. The Yao women from China are famed for their average hair length of about 6 inches. I mean!! they hold the Guinness Book of World Records for the "World's Longest hair Village". Even the International Journal of Cosmetic Science published a research on rice water rinses.

What Fermented Rice water is said to do:
Improves ShineImproves Elasticity Improves moisture retentionStrengthens hair
What i observed with using Fermented Rice water rinse:

It makes my hair  SUPER SOFTMy hair elasticity has increased, my hair is very springy and the shrinkage is REAL!!

How i use Fermented rice water rinse:

After washing and conditioning my hair, i pour the rice water…