Getting rid of all commercial hair care products in my hair care.

I  decided to stop using all store bought hair products.


1.I just don't want to buy hair products any more!. Am also just curious.   Can I grow my hair and care for it with out all the numerous products springing up? There is something so liberating  about being able to make your own products and to know that some one in some remote area can grow their hair using common ingredients in their Locale.

2. Scalp and Skin sensitivity to most ingredients: I react to almost all commercially available hair products. Even the ones that say "natural Ingredients" irritate my scalp and skin in the shower.( very uncomfortable feeling)

3. Most store bought hair products just sit on my hair anyway, it just feels kind of deceptive. Don't even get me started on the cost.  I want something that is truly taking care of my hair strands.

I will be documenting my progress and Findings.