My Scalp hates hair oils: What do i do?

I have resigned to the fact that my scalp hates hair oils. 

Why do i say so?

  • 24/7 all day every day Itchy Scalp, even after being freshly washed.

  • Unexplained dandruff  falling down each time i pat my hair,  in less than a week of wash day. 

After experimenting with cutting out  non wash day scalp oiling and re-introducing  them in my routine i can clearly say that oils where the culprit.  I no longer have these problems anymore and my scalp stays clean and fresh till my next wash day.

So! how do i get the benefits of all these DIY hair growth oils everyone is raving about?
Well...  I decided to use them as a prepoo and scalp massage treatment only on wash days. Also, since i already use diluted apple cider vinegar(ACV) on my scalp on wash days, i decided to make my own DIY Herbal Infused ACV. So now i get the benefits of the ACV as well as the Herbs!

Yay! oh and by the way.. no itchy or dandruffy scalp. SUCCESS!