2018 Natural Hair Goals

I have always considered my self to be a simple girl,..... for the most part. So My 2018 hair goals should be simple as well.... right?  Lol

2018 Natural Hair Goals

1. Shorten my wash day routine from almost 4hrs to about 1hr. BTW detangling takes up close to 3hrs, so really this goal is about detangling more quickly and making some miracle concoction that helps me out (since i DIY all my hair products).

2.  No more drastic hair cut !  In order to do this i need to maintain healthy and thick ends ( thin ends always trigger my drastic hair cuts. I plan to incorporate seasonal trims though and the occasional dusting if needed, But nothing major again like chopping off close to 5 inches of hard grown hair (yes, i did that). smh.

3. Retain Length: Lets see if i can get close to mid back length this year. Am not sure if i want to schedule length checks. Maybe i will do them 6 months at a time, arg!!, i do not want to go back to my obsessive days of pulling and tugging and measuring my hair length every waking moment.

During the Year i plan to post updates on steps am taking to reach each of these goals.