Herbal infused hair oil for faster hair growth

As part of my DIY series on  hair products that actually nourish the hair from within,
 I am experimenting with a herbal blend modified from a youtuber ife360tv fenugreek hair growth oil.  Here are the ingredients, quantities and  reasons why i use them.

2 table spoons  Amla: Softens,  darkens  and conditions hair

2 table Spoons Brahmi: strengthens hair at the root preventing excessive shedding

2 table spoons Rosemary Leaves:  Stimulates hair growth by promoting blood flow and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles.

1 table spoon Neem Leaves: Good Anti fungal  and dandruff prevention properties

1/4 cup Fenugreek seeds: conditions, nourishes and stimulates thicker hair growth.

1/4 tea spoon MSM: high sulphur content which promotes hair growth

Total oil Content (3/4 cup)

Coconut-oil: penetrates hair shaft, prevents hygral fatigue and protein loss from the hair.

Olive Oil: penetrates hair shaft and prevents hygral fatigue

Vitamin e oil: helps prevents oils from becoming rancid.

How its made
Combine oils and herb in a sterile glass jar with a lid .  Expose to indirect sunlight for 2 weeks(I placed mine by my window). Drain out herbs and store oil in a clean and dry container.

How i Use the Herbal oil
I use this oil for wash day Scalp massages and Prepoo treatments only.  As stated in my "My Sclap hates hair oils Post". Daily Scalp oiling/ non wash day scalp oiling is a big no no for me,  no body got time for an itchy scalp.