My DIY multipurpose facial oil and oilcleanser for my Acne Prone Skin

BackStoryDue to my regular bouts with acne my face consistently felt dry but looked oily at the same time(So frustrating).When i first learnt of oil cleansing,  using  castor oil and olive oil mixture was still the norm and i was so eager to try this. My first oil cleansing experiment was not pleasant as this oil mixture led to large cystic acne breakouts on my face and i was so disheartened. 

While trying to figure out why the oil cleansing method did not work for me i stumbled upon a blog post on the imbalance of linoleic and oleic acid composition in sebum of acne prone skin from minimalist beauty. Essentially, it was found that acne prone skin was  deficient in linoleic acid and this results in thick and sticky sebum that clogs the pores. Armed with this information i created an oil mix of oils with higher linoleic acid composition minimalist beauty has a list on her site.

My facial Oil mixture

 Its pretty simple i just mix equal parts of  Pumpkin seed oil, Hemp seed oil and Rosehip seed oil in a glass spray bottle and that's it.

What's special about these oils?

Of course there is no way i can list out all the benefits of these oils because natural ingredients have a lot of said multipurpose benefits (scientifically proven or just passed down via traditional practices.)  But... the researcher in me is just going to highlight a few with links to published work in peer reviewed journals. check out this paper on the anti inflammatory and skin barrier effects of some plant oils

Pumpkin seed oil: 

Check out the study on "pumpkin oil " as an acne treatment

Hempseed oil:

  • Rich and balanced source of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids
  • Good anti inflammatory properties
  • plumps up tired and dry skin

Check out this study on " Hempseed oil" as a topical treatment for dermatitis

Rosehipseed oil: 

  •  Absorbs quickly into the skin due to its high fatty content
  • Good wound healing properties
  • Scar reduction and skin regeneration properties

Other good reads on rosehip seed oi

Why mix all three?

I guess i could have stuck with just one of these oils. I initially started out with rosehip oil(for all its numerous benefits), but it was so expensive and came in such a tiny bottle that i needed a carrier oil to dilute it. I wanted oils with higher linoleic acid content so i ruled out coconut and olive oil. But... , i had a bottle of hempseed oil that i had bought for my hair which my hair absolutely hates. So i said why not. With the pumpkinseed oil, i was just greedy i was already using it in my DIY body butter recipe lol.